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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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round part under a car or bicycle or other vehicle that rolls and allows the vehicle to move
The wheel on the cart fell off.
The wheels on the bus go round and round.


more than the usual

He had some additional luggage with him.
She received additional information about the cas


The rack was filled with magazines.
The shirt is hanging on the rack.


being legally responsible for something




formal release of something required, form that removes certain responsibilities from a hotel


harm to something


failure to keep something خسارة


agreement where a person makes payments to a company, in promise that the company will pay money in the case of injury or thing agreed upon

to rent

to pay money for using something

dizzy مصاب بدوار

having a whirling or spinning sensation in the head, sometimes accompanied by nausea


he state of being responsible for something, especially by law.
the partners accept unlimited liability for any risks they undertake

jet lag

feeling of tiredness when traveling due to change in time and lack of sleep
اختلاف التوقيت
Surprisingly, my jet lag wasn't so bad even though the flight was long.
I had jet lag after coming back from my trip.

stuck with

left to handle or deal with something unpleasant
متورط مع
They were stuck with so much work that they didn't leave until midnight.
He was stuck with his baby sister while his parents went out.


of a female having a baby inside the body


sweet, creamy, blended drink that is made of milk and sometimes fruit and ice cream


a game played by two teams of eleven players with a round ball that may not be touched with the hands or arms during play except by the goalkeepers. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking or heading the ball into the opponents' goal كرة القدم


مزينtr) to make more attractive by adding ornament, colour, etc
to paint or wallpaper (a room, house, etc)
(tr) to confer a mark of distinction, esp a military medal, upon
(tr) to evaporate a metal film onto (a crystal) in order to display dislocations in structure

to be into

to be interested in something
to be into

to be into

ليكون فيShe's really into soccer: she always knows the results of the games.
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My friend is really into music; he also plays several instruments.

to be done up

slang for to be well decorated or dressed or complete
ليتم القيام به


ability to endure difficulty and continue doing something
Her persistence qualified her for the job.
His persistence was amazing: anybody else would have given up by now.

to admire

to feel wonder and approval about something

sense of humor

perceive funny things as funnyحس فكاهي
Her sense of humor was a little strange.
He's so dull and cynical: he has no sense of humor.

dull and cynical:

مملة وساخرة:
lacking interest or excitement.
believing that people are only interested in themselves and are not sincere:

She has a pretty cynical view of men.
I've always been deeply cynical about politicians.


word used in place of the swear word 'hell' that is not offensive تبا

to designate

to give somebody or something a roleلتعيين

The seat is designated for pregnant women.
The money was designated for a new car.


perfectly, not more or less