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by Tim Bottman on Mar 14, 2014
Approximately 5000 vocabulary words that should be memorized before taking the SAT. This lesson is broken into 26 parts.
by Tim Bottman on Jan 09, 2015
Learn Spanish with these flashcards that focus on people vocabulary. Suitable for Spanish 101 level learners.
by Tim Bottman on Feb 17, 2016
Learn Spanish words for insects and bugs with these English to Spanish flashcards.
by timb on Jan 08, 2014
HTTP status code in response to a request
by Tim Bottman on Mar 30, 2016
Learn or practice the Spanish words dealing with family and relatives.
by jacksonl1e on Jan 23, 2017
The Blind Boy By: Colley Cibber O say what is that thing call’d Light, Which I must ne’er enjoy; What are the blessings of the sight, O tell your poor blind boy! You talk of wondrous things you see, You say the sun shines bright; I feel him warm, but how can he Or make it day or night? My day or night myself I make Whene’re I sleep or play; And could I ever keep awake With me ‘twer always day. With heavy sighs I often hear You mourn my hapless woe; But sure with patience I can bear A loss I ne’er can know. Then let not what I cannot have My cheer of mind destroy: Whilst thus I sing, I am a king, Although a poor blind boy.
by Tim Bottman on Sep 29, 2014
Multiplication facts for 2 from 0 to 12. Great for 3rd and fourth graders.
by Tim Bottman on Dec 02, 2014
Find the vowels in these one hundred elementary words.
by Tim Bottman on Aug 01, 2016
String formatting examples using to_char in Postgres SQL
by timb on Mar 10, 2014
Basic French Vocabulary lesson at college 101 level. This is lesson 11.