Heat Pumps

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What is the unit of electrical power?


What is the main function of a capacitor?

Throttle current and release it as needed

A four ton heat pump is equal to how many BTUs?


How do we size heat pumps?

By the cooling load

The color coat for R-410A is rose but write in:

E. Green Gray

Burst strength rating is how many psi?


All heat pumps cause a reversing valve to shift on a call for heat T/F


Question 22

A. Dividing output BTUh by the input BTUh

The compression ratio of a heat pump in the cooling mode should never be higher than:


The vapor/gas line should be:

C. Cool in the summer hot in the winter

What type of metering device can improve the operating efficiency of a heat pump?


A pressure differential of at least 100PSI is needed to?

Shift the reversing valve

When hot discharge gas is floating to the inside coal we are in which mode?

Heating mode

Where does subcool always begin in the condenser?

D. 100% saturation liquid point

Which of the following components is exclusive to the heat pump?

Reversing valve

Terminal 0 is used for operating the reversing valve in which mode?

Cooling mode

The compressors discharge line temperature should never exceed what?

225 degrees F

The reversing valve has one port separated from the other 3 that is connected to?

D. Compressor discharge

Why are reversing valves pilot operated?

A. They use differential pressure

What would happen if the body of the reversing valve is dented?

D. Both B & C

The point at which the heat pump runs constantly providing heat to the home is known as:

Balance point

What happened to the compression ratio in heating mode?

Ratio goes up

Back up heat for a system is supplied by?

Electric heat

During the heat pumps cooling mode, the indoor and outdoor coils are in which mode?

Indoor coil is evaporator, Outdoor coil is condenser