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accuracy, truth-precision
the quality of being near to the true value

-This method has the advantage of high exactness and easy to use.
-The research department checks all our article for exactness of fact befor we print them.


to make something happen very quickly, especially a series of events
- start-initiate
اغاز کردن، وارد کردن، ابتکار کردن، بنیاد نهادن،انگیزاندن، موجب شدن، سبب شدن-
- to initiate
ماشه اسلحه
Certain forms of mental illness can be triggered by food allergies.
I was certain any mention of politics would trigger a big argument


-Write a fraction like 1/2 and the denominator is the number on the bottom. In this case, the 2.
-Another word for denominator is divisor. Both of these words refer to the number under the line in a common fraction.
common denominator
وجه مشترک. ویژگی مشترک
**I think the only common denominator of success is hard work.
من فکر می کنم تنها وجه مشترک موفقیت سخت کوشی است.
The lowest common denominator
کمترین مخرج مشرکت
* The first step is to rationalize the denominator of a fraction.


An eruption is an explosion of steam and lava from a volcano. This word is also used for other explosions, such as "an eruption of emotions."
if a place or situation erupts, there is a sudden increase in activity or emotion
erupt into
They were angry to the point of erupting into riot.شورش
Their conversations often erupted into squabbles.


To aggregate is to collect many units into one. If you're writing a novel, you might create a character who is an aggregate of five or six real people.
-gathered into or amounting to a whole
*It is impossible to judge last year whith out knowing the aggregate sale number.
معمولا بذ از آن عباراتی مثل sum یا number می آید.
مجموع متراکم توده

gathered into or amounting to a whole


a part of a situation or a quality involved in it SYN aspect
dimension of
His coaching has added another dimension to my game.


When you adjust to something, you change so that you can fit in, conform, or keep on going. Arriving at a new school almost always requires that you adjust a little. Once you adjust, you'll find you're as happy as you were in your old school.
-adapt- change
وفق دادن- تعدیل کردن- تنظیم کردن- منطبق کردن
The travelers are advised to adjust their watches befor arriving in the new zone.


when something is officially stopped for a period of time
suspension of
Both sides are now working towards a suspension of hostilities
هر دو طرف اکنون برای تعلیق خصومت ها کار می کنند
when someone is not allowed to go to school, do their job, or take part in an activity for a period of time as a punishment
He received a six-month suspension for unprofessional behaviour.
متارکه، وقفه، تعلیق، ایست، توقف، تاخیر،


thinking that someone might be guilty of doing something wrong or dishonest
suspicious of
Some of his colleagues at work became suspicious of his behaviour.
شک برانگیز، موجب سوظن- مشکوک


طول جغرافیایی


Use the adjective inherent for qualities that are considered permanent or cannot be separated from an essential character.
-a quality that is inherent in something is a natural part of it and cannot be separated from it

*Every business has its own inherent risks.
داتی طبیعی

main, original, principal


-When your grandmother dies, you might inherit her tea set. Regardless of her death, you might inherit her sense of humor or rather large nose. To inherit is to receive from a predecessor.
-to receive money, property etc from someone after they have died
I inherited my mother’s curly hair.
ارث بردن، وارث بودن


Detection is the act of noticing or discovering something. At the airport, you might see German Shepherds trained in the detection of drug smuggling or explosives in luggage.

when something is found that is not easy to see, hear etc, or the process of looking for it
detection of
Early detection of the disease is vital.
تشخیص زودهنگام بیماری ضروری است.
detection + of
کشف-تشخیص بازرسی


something that is noticeable because it is different from what is usual
* In those days, a woman professor was still an anomaly.
anomaly in
*various anomalies in the tax system
* It is often unpleasant to see an anomaly animal.

غیرعادی ،خلاف قاعده ،غیر متعارف ،بی ترتیب، نابهنجاری


Autonomous describes things that function separately or independently. Once you move out of your parents' house and get your own job, you will be an autonomous member of the family.

They proudly declared themselves part of a new autonomous province.
Each of the U. S. states has an autonomous government.

مستقل، خود مختار،


ad‧ja‧cent /əˈdʒeɪsənt/ ●○○ AWL adjective
Adjacent means close to or near something. You may consider the people up and down your street to be neighbors, but your next-door neighbor is the person who lives in the house or apartment adjacent to yours.
a room, building, piece of land etc that is adjacent to something is next to it
We stayed in adjacent rooms.
adjacent to
the building adjacent to the library
مجاور-دیواربه دیوار


Anything haphazard is random, disorganized, slipshod, or hit-or-miss. A tent erected haphazardly might look more like a big nylon bag of dirty laundry than a place to sleep.

happening or done in a way that is not planned or organized
a haphazard way/manner/fashion
I continued my studies in a rather haphazard way.
they met by the haphazard of chance
تصادفی، اتفاقی
the selection of the team members was haphazard
گزینش اعضای تیم بدون حساب و کتاب انجام شد.


large numbers
an excessive amount
a lot of water
مقدار زیاد - سیل


-A nucleus is often called the brain, or control center,
1 the central part of an atom, made up of neutrons, protons, and other elementary particles
2 the central part of almost all the cells of living things
3 a small important group at the centre of a larger group or organization
nucleus of
*the nucleus of an effective team
هسته، لب، اساس، مغز
These young people formed the nucleus of the club.
[ترجمه گوگل]این جوانان هسته باشگاه را تشکیل دادند


When something evolves, it changes, or develops over time, like your taste in music and clothes, which evolve as you get older.
to develop and change gradually over a long period of timeتکامل یافتن
رشد کردن
Social systems evolve in close relation to ecology.


-Danger! Hazardous! Do not eat! These are just some of the warnings you'll see on toxic substances — meaning stuff that's poisonous and even deadly.

containing poison, or caused by poisonous substances
You are clearly in a toxic relationship and you need to get out of it.
These factories are releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere.
containing poison,


(از شر چیزی) خلاص شدن،کلک (چیزی را) کندن،از سر خود باز کردن،دور انداختن
f you dispose of something, you get rid of it. Don't want that sweatshirt with the clown's face on it? Give it away, throw it out, even sell it — these are all ways to dispose of that awful shirt.


a machine designed to burn things in order to destroy them
In Nottingham an incinerator provides heat for 000 homes and local industry.
[ترجمه گوگل]در ناتینگهام یک کوره زباله سوز برای 000 خانه و صنعت محلی گرما فراهم می کند
Put the garbage down the incinerator.


paternal feelings or behaviour are like those of a kind father towards his children
• Professor Johnson was always there for paternal advice.
پدری -پدرانه - وابسته به پدر
a paternal farmمزرعه پدری
Dan took a paternal interest in my work.


to strongly fix an idea, feeling, attitude etc in someone’s mind or character
کاشت، جای دادن، فرو کردن، کاشتن، القاء کردن
*A deep sense of patriotism had been implanted in him by his father.

to put something into someone’s body by performing a medical operation
Surgeons successfully implanted an artificial hip.

Early experiences can implant fears in the subconscious.


To circulate is to move continuously in a specific circuit, often in a circle
to move around within a system, or to make something do this
* Swimming helps to get the blood circulating through the muscles.
* Ceiling fans circulated warm air around the room.
*If your muscles are tense, blood cannot circulate freely .
ه گردش در اوردن، گردش کردن، بخشنامه کردن، بدور محور گشتن
پخش کردن، منتشر کردن، سیار بودن، سیر کردن، منتشر شدن
جابه جا شدن


To degrade means to reduce the worth of something, as when smoke and pollution degrade the environment. The word can also mean to disrespect or insult: thoughtless comments can degrade a person.
to treat someone without respect and make them lose respect for themselves
پست کردن، خفت دادن، تنزل کردن، تنزل دادن، تنزل رتبه دادن، منحط کردن
Don't degrade yourself by answering him.
[ترجمه گوگل]با پاسخ دادن به او خودتان را تحقیر نکنید
to reduce in value or strengh

to be eroded
eroded فاسد شدن فرسوده شدن ساییدن در سنگ ها


Combustion means "the act of burning," like the combustion of fallen leaves that, if not extinguished immediately, can result in a forest fire.
معنی: احتراق، اشتعال، سوخت
معانی دیگر: سوختن، غوغا، هیجان شدید، آشفتگی، همهمه
the principle of a gasoline engine is internal combustion


When you do something consciously, you do it on purpose, after thinking seriously about it. A kindergarten teacher might consciously choose a soothing book to calm his class down at story time.
Whether consciously or unconsciously, you made a choice.
آگاهانه از روی قصد


permeates something, it enters it and spreads through every part of it
The smell of diesel oil permeated the air.
permeate through/into
Rain permeates through the ground to add to ground water levels
معنی: سرایت کردن، نفوذ کردن، نشت کردن
معانی دیگر: تراویدن، پخش شدن (در)، رسوخ کردن، گذشتن (از میان)

Toxic vapors can permeate into the plaster and wood.
[ترجمه گوگل]بخارات سمی می توانند به داخل گچ و چوب نفوذ کنند

spread or diffuse through
spread or flow through out
the smell of cooking permeate the entire apartment bulding


ضمیمه، پیوست، ضمیمه سازی، ضمیمه کردن، پیوستن
معانی دیگر: رجوع شود به: annex، (ناحیه یا کشوری را) تصاحب کردن، به خود پیوستن، ملحق کردن، به زور تصاحب کردن، بدون اجازه صاحب شدن
to take control of a country or area next to your own, especially by using force
attach to
take (territory) as if by conquest

The Annex lists and discusses eight titles.
[ترجمه گوگل]ضمیمه هشت عنوان را فهرست کرده و مورد بحث قرار می دهد

He annexed his remarks to the article.
[ترجمه گوگل] وی اظهارات خود را ضمیمه مقاله کرد


to damage something or make it not as good as it should be
خرد ساختن، خراب کردن، معیوب کردن، ضعیف کردن، زیان رساندن
معانی دیگر: آسیب رساندن، ناقص کردن
The illness had impaired his ability to think and concentrate.

make worse or less effective

inclined to

If you're inclined to do something, you want to do it, you like doing it, and you may even have an inherent talent for doing it. Alternatively, if the sidewalk outside your house is inclined, that means it slopes upward.
متمایل، خم، مایل، سراشیب، سرازیرمستعد-
معانی دیگر: شیب دار، سربالا
When the telephone rang yet again, she was inclined not to answer it.
to favor an opinion or a course of action


when you decide not to have something valuable, in order to get something that is more important

A sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause. Parents sacrifice time and sleep to take care of their children, while kids might sacrifice TV time to hang out with mom and dad

، فدا کردن، قربانی دادن

the sacrifice of one's health for money
فدا کردن سلامتی شخص برای پول
He decided to sacrifice a trip for a new house.


Your gut is part of your digestive system — it's where food goes after you eat it, to get broken down into nutrients and waste. The expression to "go with your gut" means to follow your instincts, how you feel in your belly.

It can take 72 hours for food to pass through the gut.

to empty or hollow out
خالی یا تو خالی کردن


A scar is a place where a wound healed but is still visible,
a permanent mark that is left on your skin after you have had a cut or wound

He had a long, curved scar on his right cheek.
a deep cut that could leave a permanent scar
شکاف، جای زخم یا سوختگی، اثر گناه، اثر زخم داشتن

her untimely death has left a scar that nothing will ever remove
داغی که مرگ نابهنگام او باقی گذاشته هرگز زدودنی نیست.


to treat someone unfairly by asking them to do things for you, but giving them very little in return.

Homeworkers can easily be exploited by employers.
استثمار کردن، بهره برداری کردن از
as a noun means a notable achievment


to make someone angry or annoyed SYN irritate
What really aggravates me is the way she won’t listen.

ناراحت و عصبانی کردن، رنجه داشتن، اذیت کردن

Air pollution may aggravate a child's asthma.
[ترجمه گوگل]آلودگی هوا ممکن است آسم کودک را تشدید کند

to make a bad situation, an illness, or an injury worse OPP improve


Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail — any kind of weather condition where something's falling from the sky.
(برف و باران و غیره) بارندگی، ریزش

the annual rate of precipitation
میزان بارش سالیانه


if metal corrodes, or if something corrodes it, it is slowly destroyed by the effect of water, chemicals etc
* Acidic water will corrode the pipes.

سو زاندن، زنگ زدن، خوردن، پوسیدن
gold does not corrode easily

to be slowly weakened by chemical reaction

to gradually make something weaker or destroy it completely
gradually به تدریج


if two or more things overlap, part of one thing covers part of another thing
One of Jilly’s front teeth overlaps the other.

When things overlap, part or all of one thing covers part or all of the other,

، روی هم افتادن، رویهم افتادن، اصطکاک داشتن، اشتر

to lie over part of


to suddenly let a strong force, feeling etc have its full effect
Lefèvre’s comments
رها کردن، از بند باز کردن
معانی دیگر: (مهار یا عنان را) برداشتن، (مجازی) فرو باریدنa wave of protest.
to release a thing or an emotion

The war could unleash unstoppable political and economic changes.
[ترجمه کاوه] جنگ می توانست تغییرات سیاسی و اقتصادی غیرقابل برگشتی را منجر شود.1|0
[ترجمه حمید] جنگ می تواند باعث وقوع تغیرات سیاسی و اقتصادی غیر قابل توقفی شود.0|0

to release a thing or emotion


something that limits your freedom to do what you want SYN restriction

the constraints of family life

ی: گرفتاری، توقیف، قید، محدودیت، اجبار، اضطرار، فشار
finance/time/economic /social constraint


chosen at random
something that's arbitrary seems like it's chosen at random instead of following a consistent rule. Team members would dislike their coach using a totally arbitrary method to pick starting players.

decided or arranged without any reason or plan, often unfairly
an arbitrary decision
دلخواه، مستبدانه، اختیاری، قرار دادی
معانی دیگر: برپایه ی داوری و ترجیح فردی (نه بر پایه ی مقررات و قوانین و قراردادها)، دلبخواه، میلی

The decision is to some extent arbitrary.
[ترجمه گوگل]این تصمیم تا حدی خودسرانه است
chosen at random


Something innovative is new and original. If you love to experiment and find new ways to do things, you are an innovative person.


ابداعی، بدعت گذارنده مبتکرانه


meaning “to come between,” the verb intervene means just that: to get involved, to jump in the middle of something, to interfere.

مداخله کردن، پا میان گذاردن، در میان امدن، در ضمن روی دادن، فاصله خوردن
معانی دیگر: (میان دو چیز رفتن یا قرار گرفتن) فاصله انداختن یا افتادن

we have decided not to intervene in their civil war
ما برآنیم که در جنگ داخلی آنان دخالت نکنیم.
4. if they attack our allies we will intervene
اگر به متحدان ما حمله کنند ما مداخله خواهیم کرد.


Rotate means to circle around a center point. Wheels on a car rotate, planets rotate

to turn around


take apart
شرکت کردن
Some members refused to participate.


to expect that something will happen and be ready for it
Sales are better than anticipated.


شیب دادن، متمایل کردن، خم کردن، کج کردن، سرازیر کردن، چسبیدن، تمایل داشتن

as we grow older we incline to traditional ways
پیرتر که می شویم به روش های سنتی گرایش بیشتری پیدا می کنیم.
5. I incline to the view that he is right.
[ترجمه گوگل]من به این دیدگاه تمایل دارم که حق با اوست

I incline to accept the official version of events.
favor to an opinion or course of action


go down suddenly
o move, fall, or be thrown suddenly forwards or downwards

a plunge into chaos
غوطه وری در هرج و مرج


to make a place or substance dirty or harmful by putting something such as chemicals or poison in it
Drinking water supplies are believed to have been contaminated.
2 to influence something in a way that has a bad effect
He claims the poster ads have ‘contaminated Berlin’s streets’.: الودگی، کثافت، الایش، لوی، نا پاکی

There is already a high level of environmental contamination.
[ترجمه گوگل]در حال حاضر سطح بالایی از آلودگی محیط زیست وجود دارد


to hit something or someone that is moving in a different direction from you → collision
A car and a van collided on the motorway.

to come together with a great or violent force

to disagree strongly
با ههم تضاد داشتن


beyond doubt
If you say something is indisputable, you’d better be pretty sure about it. Indisputable is used to describe something that is so obviously true that there is no room for questions or debate.
بدون شک


to increase in degree or strength, or to make something do this

تشدید کردن، سخت کردن، شدید شدن


A feature is a part of something that makes it special or able to work better, such as a bonus feature on a DVD or a smartphone feature that provides faster Internet connections.

Air bags are a standard feature in most new cars.
نقش عمده داشتن در، سهم اساسی داشتن در
the best feature of this car its heated seat


Recede means to pull back

if something you can see or hear recedes, it gets further and further away until it disappears
recede into
-footsteps receding into the distance

کنار کشیدن، عقب کشیدن، دور شدن، پس رفتن، بعقب سرازیر شدن

after the age of 30,his hairline began to recede from the forheade

As you ride past in a train, you have the unique feeling that houses and trees are receding.
[ترجمه گوگل]وقتی سوار قطار می شوید، این حس منحصر به فرد را دارید که خانه ها و درختان در حال عقب نشینی هستند

to move back or away from


a part of a number or an amount, considered in relation to the whole
proportion of
The proportion of women graduates has increased in recent years.

قیاس، درجه، مقدار، شباهت، تناسب

a part in relation to whole


excessive rainfall early in the spring can adversely affect the planting of crops


the act of keeping some thing in the good condition
the only problem with living in such a big house is that it requires alot of maintenance


religion in which animals and plants are believed to have spirits


having or exhibiting religious reverence
sometimes she was so pious that the rest of us felt like heathens(بت)
آدم مدهبی


relating to the Christian church or its priests
ecclesiastical history
وابسته به کلیسا



بطور مجزا، جداگانه
In order to understand how the engine worked, each component needed to be studied discretely

برای درک این که انجن چطور کار میکند، دانستن هر بخش آن نیاز به مطالعه جداگانه دارد.
discretely به معنی مجزا و منفک و discreetly به معنای نا محسوس یا یواشکی می باشد


one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc SYN constituent
companies that make electronic components for computer products

جزء، مولفه، ترکیب کننده


to treat someone or something with extreme respect and admiration

hen you deify someone, you're paying the highest compliment: you're treating them like a god.
: خدا دانستن، مقامالویت قائل شدن، پرستیدن

they deify gold and silver and have forgotten god
آنان طلا و نقره را می پرستند و خدا را فراموش کرده اند.

to worship as a god


to praise or honor someone,
تجلیل کردن
The poem was written to exalt the Roman empire.


in a practicable manner
به طور عملی، به طور قابل استفاده، به طور ارزشمند، به طور سودمند، به طور امکان پذیر
Looking at it on the kitchen shelf makes me wonder how soon I can feasibly start stacking.

چنانکه بشود کرد، چنانکه امکان پذیرباشد، بطورعملی


to think about something that you might do in the future SYN consider
He had even contemplated suicide.
to consider thouthfully

، تفکر کردن، اندیشیدن، در نظر داشتن

The thought of war is too awful to contemplate.
[ترجمه گوگل]فکر جنگ بیش از آن وحشتناک است که بتوان به آن فکر کرد


if the weather erodes rock or soil, or if rock or soil erodes, its surface is gradually destroyed
The cliffs are being constantly eroded by heavy seas.

to gradually reduce something such as someone’s power or confidence
Our personal freedom is being gradually eroded away.



decided or arranged without any reason or plan, often unfairly
an arbitrary decision

الکی دلخواه، مستبدانه، اختیاری، قرار دادی


in a whole or complete manner
The column was formed integrally within a relatively rigid frame.
[ترجمه گوگل]ستون به طور یکپارچه در یک قاب نسبتا سفت و سخت شکل گرفت

بتمامی، تماما، درست، بصورت عدد صحیح به صورت یکپارچه


if metal corrodes, or if something corrodes it, it is slowly destroyed by the effect of water, chemicals etc

زنگ زدن، خوردن، پوسیدن
معانی دیگر: (فلزات و غیره را) خوردن، تحلیل بردن


to maintain a purpose

Use the verb persevere when you want to persist in anything and continue despite difficulties
پشتکارداشتن، استقامت بخرج دادن، ثابت قدم ماندن
You'll need to persevere if you want the business to succeed.
[ترجمه علی جادری] اگر بخواهی کسب و کارت موفق باشد باید پشتکار داشته باشی .


Irrigation is the watering of land to make it ready for agriculture. If you want to start a strawberry farm in the desert, irrigation will be necessary.



to stop someone from doing what they want to do SYN restrict

To constrain is to hold back, restrain, or confine
حمیل کردن، بزور و فشار وادار کردن
معانی دیگر: (به زور) جلو عمل (کسی یا چیزی را) گرفتن، جلوگیری کردن، مهار کردن، وادار کردن


When you convey something, you carry or deliver it
to transport from one place to another
قل کردن، حمل کردن، رساندن
معانی دیگر: معنی دادن، بیان کردن، رسانیدن


provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to
they fertilize the garden at least once a year
دست کم سالی یک بار باغ را کود می دهند.


an educated guess of how something develop especially in diseases


he preparation and use of land for growing crops
زراعت کشت و کار پرورش


very fat in a way that is unhealthy
excessively overweight

Being obese and lazy is dangerous to health.


Anesthesia is a loss of sensation in a body part — or your entire body — caused by the administration of medication

techniques for reducing sensation or feeling especially to control pain

The doses used for surgical anesthesia vary between 2 and 10mg/kg.
[ترجمه گوگل]دوزهای مورد استفاده برای بیهوشی جراحی بین 2 تا 10 میلی گرم بر کیلوگرم متغیر است


foretelling the future by finding the pattern in physical objects

the ability to say what will happen in the future, or the act of doing this

پیش گویی، فال، تفال، غیب گویی، حدس درست، فال بینی

Consequently, this was a divination of deep significance.
[ترجمه گوگل]در نتیجه، این یک پیشگویی با اهمیت عمیق بود


to pass slowly for a long time as a liquid or gas
follow by into or through

seep into/through/down etc
Blood seeped down his leg.

چکه، رسوخ، تراوش طبیعی، چکه کردن، تراوش کردن، چکاندن
معانی دیگر: نشت کردن، تراویدن، زهیدن، زهش، رسو، از میان سوراخهای ریز نفوذ کردن


in a manner that is officially recognized

قابل تصدیق، قابل تایید
معانی دیگر: دیوانه وار، جنون آمیز، تصدیق پذیر، گواهی پذیر، محقق شدنی، تاییدپذیر


When you retrieve something, you bring it back. Lots of dogs love to retrieve tennis balls, bringing them back to you over and over again.

to bring or get back


an injury to your body that is made by a weapon such as a knife or a bullet

to inflict an injury on


means to appear as a ghost or some kind of supernatural phenomenon
، محل اجتماع تبه کاران، امد و شد زیاد، مراجعه مکرر، امیزش
مرتبا به جایی رفتن، پی درپی سرزدن، پاتوق کردن
to keep coming in your mind so you cant forget it
a place that someone likes to go to often
haunt of
The Café Vienna was a favourite haunt of journalists and actors.
this restaurant is the haunt of expatriate iranians
این رستوران پاتوق ایرانیان دور از وطن است.


in a way that causes death
fatally injured/wounded
Two officers were fatally injured in the explosion.

به طور مهلک، مرگبارانه، به طور کشنده
cousing death or disaster


An extension is the act of getting more time, space, or length, like an extension of a deadline that gives you one more day to turn in a paper, or extensions that make your hair look longer.
the end of existence

انهدام، اعدام، انقراض
the extinction of all her hopes
از بین رفتن تمام آرزوهای او
3. doomed to extinction
محکوم به فنا


A vein is a blood vessel
any of the tubes that form a branching system

the veins clearly visible.


گاهی، درک، احساس، ادراک، دریافت، مشاهده، مشاهده قوه ادراک
the way you think about something and your idea of what it is like
perception of
children’s perceptions of the world
the public perception of the government’s performance


Precipitation is rain, snow, sleet, or hail — any kind of weather condition where something's falling from the sky.


to continue to do something, although this is difficult, or other people oppose it

اصرار کردن، سماجت کردن، پافشاری کردن

to hold to a purpose despite any abstacle

dispose of

to get rid of something, especially something that is difficult to get rid of
to throw away
Have you any secondhand books to dispose of?
آیا شما کتابهای دست دوم برای دور انداختن دارید


If someone believes they cannot know whether or not God exists, that person is an agnostic.


A cure is a treatment that ends an illness or makes you feel better.
There is no cure for the common cold, or for a broken heart.

to restore to health
، دارو، شفاء، شفاء دادن، بهبودی دادن


on a harmful way
When something affects you adversely, it's harmful or negative
به طرز نامطلوبی
تاثیر برعکس


think about it carefully.
تعمق و تفکر کردن


the use of scientific tests to solve crimes
Forensic examination revealed a large quantity of poison in the dead man's stomach.
[ترجمه گوگل]در بررسی پزشکی قانونی مقدار زیادی سم در معده مرد متوفی مشاهده شد
پزشکی قانونی، کالبدسنجی


Various describes several different kinds of things, like a candy shop that is home to various sweets,


place where large amounts of water get stored
مخزن اب


an intuitive idea is based on a feeling rather than on knowledge or facts
ازراه کشف، ازراه برهانی، بطورحسی


به طور واضح به طور روشن شمرده


to call on for support
in many religion believers invoke their god by holding out their hands
متوسل شدن دست به دامان شدن


to officially stop something from continuing, especially for a short time
to hang as to allow free movment


the ability to know what other people are thinking or what will happen in the future that cant be observed
روحی روانی معنوی دهنی
Trevor helped police by using his psychic powers.
[ترجمه گوگل]ترور با استفاده از قدرت روانی خود به پلیس کمک کرد


mistreatment of s th that deserves respect
تخطی کردن تعدی کردن زیر پا گداشتن


a way of doing something, especially the correct or usual way → process


restricted in outlook
محدود محصور


in a practicable manner;
به طور عملی
What information can I feasibly collect?
عملا چه اطلاعاتی میتونم جمع کنم ؟3


the ability to say what will happen in the future, or the act of doing this
فالگیری، پیش گویی، فال

de facto

really existing although not legally stated to exist
بالفعل در واقع عملا


to officially stop something from continuing or happening for a short time

to hang as to allow free movement


without being stated
by joining the competition she greed implicitly to the rules


a long story about events that happen over many years
saga of
a saga of four generations of the Coleman family
long story about important events long ago
داستان، حماسه


aggressively entering into someone else territory
مهاجم. پیش رونده ۲. تجاوزگرانه ۳. متجاوز. تجاوزگر
invasive data ) داده های حجیم


the act of getting control of a country by fighting

a takeover by forced or continued eforts

پیروزی، تسخیر، غلبه
شیفته سازی، دلبری، شیدایی، خاطرخواهی، سرزمین تسخیری، هر چیزی که در اثر پیروزی به دست آید، (جمع) متصرفات، غلبه کردن


relating to a the local parish
حدود، بخشی، کوته نظر، بلوکی، ناحیه ای
Local newspapers tend to be very parochial.
[ترجمه گوگل]روزنامه‌های محلی تمایل دارند بسیار کم‌نظیر باشند
[ترجمه ترگمان]روزنامه های محلی بسیار محدود هستند
a parochial view of the world
بینش کوته فکرانه ای درباره ی جهان


تند، درشت، زننده، زبر، زمختخشک، سخت، سخت گیر
she was treated very severely


large guns that shoot powerful shells


to choose carefully among options
تمیز دادن، تشخیص دادن، فرق قائل شدن
Newborn babies can discriminate between a man’s and a woman’s voice.


to burn the body of a dead person at a funeral ceremony


at a very fast rate
in the last few decades, the growth of science has been exponential
در چند دهه ی اخیر گسترش علوم تصاعدی بوده است.


to completely understand and begin to use new ideas, information etc SYN absorb
consume or incorporate


a dimly visible formed usually thought to be sprite of dead person or sunken ship

خیال، شبح، روح، منظر، ظاهر فریبند


to make an animal able to work for people or live with them as a pet → tame


adj to and with
similar and happening at the same time
مدار، خط موازی، خط متوازی، متوازی، برابر، موازی، موازی کردن، برابر کردن
معانی دیگر: هم راستا، هم رو، هم بال، مشابه


خالی کردن، خون گرفتن، تهی کردن، به ته رسانیدن
lgae can block light and deplete oxygen from the water.
[ترجمه گوگل]جلبک ها می توانند نور را مسدود کرده و اکسیژن آب را کاهش دهند


the preparation and use of land for growing crops
soil cultivation


to become smaller, or to make something smaller, through the effects of heat or water
I’m worried about washing that shirt in case it shrinks.
آب رفتن


: تابعیت، دنباله، ترتیب، رشته، تسلسل
پشت سر هم قرار داد


the act of sending out light, heat, gas etc
Britain agreed to cut emissions of nitrogen oxide from power stations.


to control an activity or process, especially by rules
strict rules regulating the use of chemicals in food


if information, facts, ideas etc circulate, they become known by many people
پراکنده شدن پخش دن


: برنامه تحصیلی، دوره تحصیلات، برنامه اموزشی،


an intuitive idea is based on a feeling rather than on knowledge or facts SYN instinctive
He seemed to have an intuitive awareness of how I felt.
زراه کشف، ازراه برهانی، بطورحسی


something difficult or worrying that you are responsible for
: مسئولیت، بار
the burden of proof
مسئولیت اثبات ادعا
3. the burden of responsibility
بار مسئولیت


falls down suddenly, usually because it is weak or damaged
سقوط، فروریختگی، فروکش، اوار، غش کردن
the collapse of the stock market
سقوط بازار سهام
4. the collapse of the two countries' alliance
درهم پاشی اتحاد آن دو کشور


without being stated
مطلق، مجازی، بی شرط، ضمنی


to find an original way to make an object or a plan
دبیر کردن، اختراع کردن
وصیت نامه


a list of the names of people on a sports team, in an organization
لیست فهرست


to put members of group into motion
بسیج کردن، تجهیز کردن، متحرک کردن


the highest point
He was at the apex of his caree


stop doing something or stop happening
ایست، توقف، وقفه، ایستادن، گرفتن، متوقف ساختن
without cease
بدون وقفه،بی مکث،پی در پی
2. hostilites must cease at once!
خصومت ها باید فورا پایان یابد!


an idea, belief, or opinion
اندیشه، خیال، عقیده


: سخت گیری

. The strictness of the rules, even when liberally interpreted, has the effect of restricting innovation.
[ترجمه گوگل]سخت‌گیری قوانین، حتی زمانی که آزادانه تفسیر شوند، تأثیری بر محدود کردن نوآوری دارد


to correct or make small changes to something
: اصلاح کردن، بهتر کردن، بهبودی یافتن، ترمیم کردن

the trenches

مخمصه، شرایط سخت جنگی، شرایط سخت کاری

give in

تسلیم شدن


to refuse to give in to a strong force or desire
ایستادگی کردن، مانع شدن، مخالفت کردن با، مخالفت کردن، خودداری کردن از، مقاومت کردن، استقامت کردن، پایداری کردن


arranged according to when things happened or were made
به ترتیب زمانی


a product that is bought and sold
agricultural commodities
Commodity prices fell sharply.

کالا، جنس


to keep down by force
رنج دادن سرکوب کردن ظلم کردن


to happen at the same time
مصادف شدن، همزمان بودن، باهم رویدادن، منطبق شدن، در یک زمان اتفاق افتادن


o use something for a particular purpose
اختصاص دادن، تخصیص دادن


عدل، انصاف، تساوی حقوق سهم


تبعیت، وفاداری


a takeover by force or continued effort
پیروزی، تسخیر، غلبه


ضربت متقابل، جواب دادن، تلافی کردن، بالعکس، در جهت مخالف

a system of organization in which people or things are divided into levels of importance
سلسله مراتب


general environment or surrounding
اجتماع، محیط، قلمرو، اطراف، دوروبر


worldly rather than spiritual


a situation in which two people, countries etc become friendly with each other again after quarrelling
مصالحه، اصلاح، تلفیق، اشتی


very badly or to a great degree


to increase the value, amount, effectiveness etc of something
افزودن، زیاد کردن، تقویت کردن،


: جزء، مولفه،


old and in bad condition


a person or organization that tries to help two other people or groups to agree with each other


to gradually increase in numbers or amount until there is a large quantity in one place
انباشتن، اندوختن، متراکم کردن، روی هم انباشتن


to make someone very poor
بی خاصیت کردن، بی قوت کردن، فقیر کردن، بی نیرو کردن، فرسوده کردن زمین
Fast-growing trees remove nutrients and impoverish the soil.
[ترجمه گوگل]درختان سریع الرشد مواد مغذی را حذف کرده و خاک را فقیر می کنند


to make a judgment about a person or situation after thinking carefully about it SYN judge
nobody could assess the real value of the old book
هیچکس نتوانست ارزش واقعی کتاب قدیمی را برآورد کند.
عیین کردن، تقویم کردن، تشخیص دادن، بستن، مالیات بستن بر، جریمه کردن، بر اورد کردن




a good quality that makes someone or something deserve praise
شایستگی، لیاقت، خدمت، استحقاق، سزاواری


to control an activity or process, especially by rules
تعدیل کردن، درست کردن، تنظیم کردن، میزان کردن، مرتب کردن، منظم کردن
strict rules regulating the use of chemicals in food


a possession that has posetive value
اموال دارایی چیز باارزش


به تناسب، بفراخور، باندازه
Prices have risen but wages have not risen proportionately.
[ترجمه گوگل]قیمت ها افزایش یافته است اما دستمزدها به تناسب افزایش نیافته است
[ترجمه ترگمان]قیمت ها افزایش یافته اند، اما دستمزدها افزایش نیافته است


چکاندن، تقطیر شدن


a special advantage that is given only to one person or group of people
، بهره وری، برخورداری، مصونیت، ایمنی، مصونیت دادن، ایمن کردن، مستثنی کردن، امتیاز (ویژه) دادن


someone who starts a new business or arranges business


if people or businesses prosper, they grow and develop in a successful way
: پیشرفت کردن، موفق شدن، رونق یافتن


to take advantage of
بهره برن استثمار کردن
، رفتار، شاهکار، کار برجست


to rent s th for a long time
کرایه، اجاره،


something that encourages you to work harder, start a new activity etc → motivation
انگیزه، مشوق


جبران کردن، تلافی کردن، غرامت دادن، پاداش دادن، تاوان دادن، عوض دادن
to pay someone money because they have suffered injury, loss, or damage