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What is a FOSSIL FUEL?

It's a carbon based fuel, formed over many millions of years from the decay of living matter.

What is COAL made out of?

PEAT that was compressed between sediment layers millions of years ago.

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What are NON-RENEWABLE resources?

They are resources that are limited in supply and will eventually run out.

What are RENEWABLE resources?

They are resources that can be replaced/regrown time and time again.

We can generate electricity by using the movement of a metal coil and a magnet. What is this process called?


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What is a GENERATOR?

It's a machine that converts mechanical energy, like movement, into electrical energy.

What is a TURBINE?

It's a machine, often containing fins, that's made to revolve by using gas, steam or air.

What's a BURNER?

It's a receptacle used to hold fuel as it's burned.

What's a BOILER?

It's a vessel used to heat water and convert it to steam.


It's the creation of ethanol from fermentation.

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What is BIOGAS?

It's methane that has been created from the breakdown of materials in an anaerobic digester.

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HYDRAULIC FRACKING — the process of obtaining oil or gas from shale rock after it is broken by sand, water and chemicals.

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What is a PROPPANT?

It's a material, such as sand, used to keep cracks in the shale rocks open to allow gas or oil extraction.

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What does it mean when a ship is DOUBLE HULLED?

It means it has a second hull, allowing cargo to remain safe if the external hull is damaged.


A fieldwork enquiry is when a topic is investigated by collecting data in the real world, usually outside of the classroom.