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filmed stealing a PQ leaflet
- to steal (not "voler")

filmée en train de subtiliser un dépliant du PQ
(the 'b' is pronounced)

m/I was thinking that sleeping on it might help.
lit: the night might bring counsel

Je pensais que la nuit porterait conseil.

My son's decision saddens me very much.
- to sadden

La décision de mon fils m'attriste beaucoup.
- attrister

You could have said anything.
He's talking nonsense.

Vous auriez pu dire n'importe quoi.
Il dit n'importe quoi.

He's associating with ... a "Rod".
- to associate with (not "s'associer à")

Il fraye avec ... un "Rod".
- frayer avec

I'm begging you.
- to beg

Je t'en supplie.
- supplier

The proofreader struck out the unecessary parts of the sentence.
- to strike out

Le correcteur a biffé les parties inutiles de la phrase.
- biffer

She was dismissed from her job.
- to dismiss

Elle a été démis de son travail.
- démettre

Dan gave me the go ahead, if you're up for it. (lit: gave me the mandate)
- to be up for something

Dan m'a donné le mandat si t'es partante.
- être partant(e) pour qqch

I will blame myself for the rest of my life.
lit: to the death

Je vais m'en vouloir à la mort.

He doesn't want to budge from his position.
- to budge

Il ne veut pas démordre de sa position.
- démordre

She is believed to have moved in with him a year ago.
alt: though to have moved in
lit: would have moved in
- to move in

Elle aurait emménagé avec lui il y a un an.
- emménager ('e' as in 'en')

in a series of tweets
(not "dans une série")

dans une enfilade de tweets/gazouillis

three adjoining rooms

trois pièces en enfilade

to attain, to achieve, to reach

atteindre (3)

Their interests may overlap.
- to overlap (each other)

Ses intérêts peuvent se chevaucher.
- se chevaucher (reciprocal reflexive)

Some federal programs overlap with those of the province.
- to overlap

Certains programmes fédéraux chevauchent ceux de la province.
- chevaucher (trans)

I then dreamed of riding a Harley.
- to ride (not "monter"), to straddle

J'ai alors rêvé de chevaucher un Harley.
- chevaucher (trans)

Sarah is very on edge as the trial approaches.
- to be very on edge (not "être a fleur de peau")

Sarah n'en mène pas large à l'approche du procès.
- ne pas en mener large

m/ The firm had a leading role in the management of the pandemic.

La firme en menait très large dans la gestion de la pandémie.

as long as you're not avoiding me
Hint: not "tant que" "aussi longtemps que"
lit: doing avoidance
- the avoidance

dans la mesure où tu fais pas d'évitement
- (le) évitement

favourite customers (colloquial)

des clients chouchous

your first housewarming gift

ton premier cadeau de crémaillère

to tread upon the floor of the Blue Room (the National Assembly)
- to tread upon
- the floor (not "le plancher")

fouler le sol du Salon Bleu (l'Assemblée nationale)
- fouler
- le sol

on French soil
- the soil (the floor)

sur le sol français

apart from the fact that he gets laid more than me

hormis le fait qu'il s'envoie en l'air plus que moi

We stay the course?
- the course

On garde le cap?
- le cap

the lock of hair
(to spill the beans)
(to be in league)

la mèche de cheveux
(vendre la mèche)
(être de mèche)

Wait, I'm missing a piece here.
(i.e., not following)

Attendez, il m'en manque un bout là.

the armpit

(la) aisselle ("ai" as in "et")