Plant Processes

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The process by which water evaporates from plant tissues and enters the atmosphere.


A plants response to light.


A plant using the sugars produced during photosynthesis plus oxygen to produce energy for growth


Multicellular organisms in the kingdom plantae that make their own food using photosynthesis.


Rigid plants with soft green stems

Turgor pressure

The force of liquid against the cell wall in plants


Small holes that must be open for transpiration to happen.

Radiant energy



The process of a plant using carbon dioxide and sunlight to make food.

Chemical energy

Consists of starch and sugars


A plant’s response to gravity.


A type of plant tissue that forms the water passageway from roots to stems to leaves


A two-way passage in plants that transports glucose

Capillary Action

The movement of water through a tube


Form, makeup, or arrangement of an organism.


A job, role, task, or responsibility.