Vocabulary 4

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'Repetition is the mother of all learning.'

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    “Repetition is the mother of all learning.”
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A person who buys things in a store; a shopper

Harrison was a regular costumer at the Golden Lion.

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The money that you pay to buy something

Ian could be sold for a high price

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A person who works in a store or business

I was an employee of a company

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Things a person makes and sells

Juan has to take the product

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To have something that is yours

His father owns a restaurant

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Work that someone does for you

Millions are involved in voluntary service

Front image: 


Someone who owns something

The proud owner of a huge Dalmatian

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Go to a store in order to buy things; a small store

A card shop

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Personal attention

Special help or service that someone gives you

Sofia puts personal attention in the class

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The activity of going to store to buy things

Shopping is so exhausting—all those decisions!

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