Quiz #4 - Materials for Wood Construction I & II

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Flashcards to help study for upcoming quiz for Materials & Methods I on lumber, engineered wood products, fasteners, and connectors.


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What are 7 types of hardwood trees?

1. oak
2. walnut
3. birch
4. elm
5. teak
6. mahogany
7. rosewood

What are 3 uses for a PSL or parallam member?

1. post
2. header
3. beam

Which portion of a tree increases as a tree ages?


What is an ecological advantage of engineered wood products?

They use small growth trees.

Dimensional lumber lengths range from __ ft to __ ft

8 ft to 28 ft

Timbers are __ " thick or greater


T or F? Air seasoning will not kill the fungus that may be living in the lumber.


What are 2 naturally decay-resistant wood species?

1. Cedar
2. Redwood

What are the 2 purposes LVL's are used for and what is the maximum depth of an LVL?

Purposes: Floor joists & rafters

Max depth: 18"

What are 3 common uses of hardwood?

1. flooring
2. cabinets
3. furniture

What are 3 methods to prevent termites?

1. provide distance between the wood and the ground
2. use termite shield
3. use preservative-treated wood

Green lumber has a moisture content of __ % or more


What does MDF stand for?

medium-density fiberboard

Wood trusses would be graded using which method?

machine stress-related

What are 2 types of organisms that cause biodeterioration?

1. fungus
2. termites

Where do growth rings on trees occur?

In the cambium layer

What does LVL stand for?

Laminated Veneer Lumber

Which 2 types of materials are used for webs of I-joists?

1. plywood
2. OSB

Which defect is a separation of wood fibers near the face, perpendicular to the growth rings?


Which type of plywood would be used for temporary exterior exposure during construction?

Exposure 1

What are nailing plates used for?

Connecting truss members

T or F? Glulam members can only be used for external applications.

False - they can be used for interior and exterior

Which type of nails are used for exterior siding and decks where corrosion resistance is needed?

hot-dipped galvanized

What size lumber members are used to make trusses for light-frame construction?

2 x 4

Which 2 regions produce the majority of softwood lumber?

1. Southern Pine
2. Western Wood

How deep is each layer of a glulam beam?

1 1/2 inches deep

T or F? Hardwood is denser than softwood.


Glulams are created with dimensional lumber that has been dried to a moisture content of __ % or less


What are 3 softwood lumber classifications?

1. boards
2. timbers
3. dimensional lumber

The engineered wood product PSL is made up of strips of wood that __ feet long and about __ " wide.

8 feet long, 1/2 inch wide

What are 3 types of nailed connections?

1. face nailed
2. end nailed
3. toe nailed

Where is bound water found in trees?

in the cell walls

Roof trusses are typically spaced at __ " on center.


What are the 3 grades of light-framing dimensional lumber?

1. construction
2. standard
3. utility

Which type of nail would be used for wood siding?

box nail

How does shrinkage of lumber occur?

Tangentially (ACROSS the grain, NOT along the grain)

What is a disadvantage of OSB?

It cannot be treated with preservatives

What is the typical size of plywood panels?

4' x 8'

Which defect is a separation of fibers along growth rings?


Which grades of plywood are used for cabinetry and funiture?

A & B

What are 5 types of softwood trees?

1. Pine
2. Spruce
3. Cedar
4. Fir
5. Hemlock

What are glulam members used for?

1. beams
2. heavy columns
3. heavy trusses