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the objectives put forward for the six month period
- to put forward (to pose: a question) (to suggest: an idea)
- the six month period (the semester)

los objetivos planteados para el semestre
- plantear
- el semestre

"I swear it", responded Luz, making a sign of the cross on her lips.
i.e., a sign of sincerity
(make a cross with thumb and index finger, then touch the lips)

Lo juro -respondió Luz, haciendo una señal de cruz en sus labios.

I had never seen so many.

Nunca había visto [a] tantos.
th/when referring to people need personal 'a'

We have to take some measure so that this does not go further.
lit: pass to greater
- to not go further

Tenemos que tomar alguna medida para que esto no pase a mayores.
- no pasar a mayores

thanks to Eleonora's mediation
- the mediation (not "la mediación")

gracias a la intermediación de Eleonora
- la intermediación

the resume
(not "el currículo": the curriculum, the resume)

la hoja de vida

the curriculum vitae

el currículum vitae

the interviewee
(to interview)

el entrevistado, la entrevistada

They did a thorough sweep.
- the raking, the sweep
- to rake

Hicieron un rastrillaje a fondo.
- el rastrillaje (2)
- rastrillar

By noon, the inside of the house had almost completely dried out.
- to dry [out]

Para el mediodía, el interior de la casa se había secado casi por completo.
- secarse

That she would leave the house for a few days.
(to allow, to drop, to leave, to let, to stop)

Que dejaría la casa durante unos días.
- dejar

The morning of the fire had not been particularly windy.
- the morning (the dawn)
- windy

La madrugada del incendio no había sido particularmente ventosa.
- la madrugada
- ventoso/a
?/use of ser

with every passing day
- the running

con el correr de los días
- el correr

the implausible stories
- implausible

las historias inverosímiles
- inverosímil

the original breed
- original (not "original")

la raza originaria
- originario/a

the home planet
the native country
- home, native (not "nativo")(original)

el planeta originario
el país originario
- originario/a

the truth is that in fact

lo cierto es que en los hechos
alt: lo cierto es que de hecho

Uma seemed the most suited
- the least suited
(the right person)

Uma parecía la más indicada
- la menos indicada
(la persona indicada)

to take the reins

tomar las riendas

My studies qualified me to practice as a psychologist.
- to qualify (trans) (not "calificar": to qualify, to describe as)
(to train (oneself), to qualify)

Mis estudios me capacitaron para ejercer como psicólogo.
- capacitar

she was the most qualified

ella era la más capacitada

a figure in the millions

una cifra millonaria
- millionario/a

the ecology

la ecología

My mother advised me to have more tact when talking to people.
- the tact (the touch: sense of)

Mi madre me aconsejó tener más tacto al hablar con la gente.
- el tacto

The government allocated two million pesos to the restoration.
- to allocate
(to be allocated)

El gobierno destinó dos millones de pesos a la restauración.
- destinar

I assigned the bartender to the bar in the back.
- to assign (not "asignar") (to allocate)
(the background,the bottom, the fund)

Destiné al barman a la barra del fondo.
- destinar
(el fondo)

one type of energy or another
I don't remember if it was yesterday or today.

un tipo de energía u otro
No recuerdo si fue ayer u hoy.
Note: 'o' chaged to 'u' before the 'o' sound (or 'oy' sound)

But what about security?

Pero, ¿qué hay de la seguridad?
Pero, ¿qué pasa con la seguridad?
¿Y la seguridad?

photos and videos in which the population was alerted to the dangers
- to be alerted

fotos y videos en los que se alertaba a la población sobre los peligros
- alertarse m/pronominal passive

People were losing confidence in all products that included solar energy technologies.

La gente estaba perdiendo confianza en todos los productos que incluyeran tecnologías de energía solar.
Note past subj of "incluir" ?/doubt, disbelief